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Ploughing land at the same site to grow crops for local families


Pond created at A Rocha Lebanon restoration project to create new habitat for wildlife

Thank you for your prayers over the past weeks as we moved from LSESD to our new roles with A Rocha Lebanon (ARL).  This last week we have had productive meetings with the ARL Board and agreed on most of the outstanding issues.  Our visas should be renewed by next week and we can begin to make progress with the work God has for us.  We are looking forward to it.
For those of you who are not familiar with A Rocha, it is a Christian organization engaging communities in nature conservation and operates in 21 countries across the world.  You can read more at where you can also find out about the work being done in Lebanon by following the links. 
Please join with us as we pray for wisdom in planning the work of ARL for the next year and that it will provide benefits to both wildlife and local communities in these difficult times in Lebanon.


We have been in a limited lockdown this past fortnight to curb the rise in Covid cases though the restrictions will be lifted on Monday.  The number of cases has not fallen as hoped but the need for people to work is over-riding the health issues.  I (Audrey) have been sad at times over this past month as at least three Lebanese friends have lost an elderly parents to the virus while a number of other friends are still recovering.  
In the shops we see prices continuing to rise, and life is becoming harder for more and more people. Even many middle-class families are now in need of food boxes and other forms of help.  Meanwhile the process to choose a new government has stalled as, it seems, sectarian interests override meeting the needs of ordinary people.

Even in these difficult times we have found reasons to be hopeful.  Last Thursday we shared a lovely Thanksgiving lunch with former colleagues and friends at LSESD (socially distanced of course) where everyone was encouraged to think of one thing to thank God for.  Some friends also recently celebrated the birth of their second child.  A lovely tradition here is to give Meghli – a rice pudding dish with anise, cinnamon and caraway – to everyone who visits to see the baby.  It is also eaten at Christmas to give thanks for the birth of Jesus. 
As we enter the season of Advent, we pray that the hope that comes with the birth of our Saviour will be a comfort to all who suffer at this time.

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