The Parish Church of

St Peter and St Paul

Bishops Hull


Bell Ringing

We are very proud of our Bell Ringing team and our bells! There are 6 bells in the tower and ringing is done from ground level. The Bell Tower is accessed on the North Side of the church.

Ringing happens for the main service on a Sunday (usually ringing starts at 09.15am and rings until the service starts at 10am).

Practice night is a Wednesday at 7.30pm.

Quarter peals ( 50 minutes approx) may be attempted up to twice a month at 11.30am, usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

Ringing also happens at other times as needed throughout the year for national and local events and festivals and we will try to keep the list below as up to date as possible!

  • Quarter Peal 01 May at 11.30am - added to website after the event as it was a last minute request, apologies.
  • Ringing/Quarter Peal 09 May 2024 at 7.30pm - Ascension Day
  • Ringing/Quarter Peal 06 June at 11.30am - D Day National Ringing
  • 30 mins local ringing 08 June at 10.30am
  • Ringing/Quarter Peal 09 June 2024 at 6pm


Our Tower Captain is Giles Morley and he can be contacted on 01823 430710

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